Awards (Tournament)

  • Awards are based upon total point accumulation through all 6 rounds of competition for each Division, with ties to be broken by total time in each class.
  • A Rally World Champion will be awarded in each division of the tournament. A Trophy shall be awarded to the top ranked competitor in each Division.
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ranked competitors in each Division.
  • Placement rosettes shall be awarded to the Top 10% of each Division, based on number of competitors, with a minimum of 3 placements and maximum of 10 placements per Division.

Experienced Judges

  • Melanie Parrish from Henrico, VA
  • Pamela Rice from Bloomington, IL
  • Wendy Hilton from Montara, CA
  • Phyllis Huber from Pittsburgh, PA (alternate judge)

Tournament Rules of Performance

  • Exercise modifications are not allowed in any Division.
  • The number of exercises per course is as follows:
    • Level 1 courses shall have 14—15 exercises (including the Bonus)
    • Level 2 courses shall have 16—17 exercises (including the Bonus)
    • Level 3 courses shall have 19—20 exercises (including the Bonus)
    • Veteran courses shall have 12 exercises (including the Bonus)
  • Bonus exercises shall be part of the timed course (after the Start and before the Finish), and shall be scored as are regular exercises, with the potential to add up to 10 points to the final score if completed free of any error.
  • The Standard Course Time and Maximum Course Time for each course are as follows:
Course Standard Course Time Maximum Course Time
Level 1 2:30 minutes 3:00 minutes
Level 2 2:45 minutes 3:15 minutes
Level 3 3:00 minutes 3:30 minutes
Veteran N/A 4:00 minutes

Time penalties shall be assessed on a 1:1 ratio for every second or fraction thereof (to the 1/100th of a second) over the SCT.


  • New performance concepts from the upcoming 2017 Proposed Official Regulations will be introduced at the tournament, including bonus exercises as part of the timed course, 10-point penalties for what otherwise would be scored NQ in titling classes, a Standard Course Time for each round for the last 30 seconds of the time allotted on course, and modified course lengths.
  • Deductions of ten or more points at the completion of any individual exercise shall not be scored as an NQ, but as a ten-point penalty.