Thank you for entering the inaugural World Cynosport Rally Ltd’s Rally World Championships event! We know you’ve worked hard to get here, so here’s the one place that has everything you need as a competitor to make sure you arrive for the general briefings, walk-throughs and your runs on time.

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Event Updates are the best way to be on top on any changes we may need to make in the schedule. You can also catch up on the previous days events, get results, be notified when awards are ready and general information about the event.

Here’s all the info you’ll need to get you around this year’s event:

General Information

Rally Competitors

Fuel Menu & Pricing Breakfast Menu









Emergency Veterinarian Information

Title Mania® Agility Competitors

Competitors may participate in both dog agility Title Mania and the Rally World Championships. Visit the Title Mania web site for entry and related information.